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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

You Make Me Hurt

U’re t0tally change,I d0nt believe that’s you!!

SUMPAH tak percaya..c0ngratz c0z berjaya buat aku sakit hati dan thanks 4 everything..
Aku tatawu punca sebenarnya dan pape pun benda dah jadi kan..h0pe you will find what are you really-really want ..
& remember,I’m never f0rget what that you have said t0 me just n0w!!It's make me hurt..
H0pe you will not regret it..and hepy always keyh..

*thanks 4 everything n what a nice w0rds have you said,right dear??btw pape pun takpe,I’m ukie..

Terima Kasih , sila tinggalkan jejak anda :)

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